Our Story

Sunrise Drones, based in Stockbridge, Michigan, provides clients with professional aerial photographs and videos. Owner Ken Davis is a former airline pilot with over forty years of flying experience. Ken’s Passion for all things related to aviation led him to become involved with drones and aerial photography. As a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed Part 107 Remote Pilot, Ken has five years of experience with flying drones, and using drones for high-quality aerial photography is a natural progression in his career path. He created the company Sunrise Drones to offer his drone aerial photography expertise to businesses and customers in the Great Lakes area, including Michigan, northern Indiana, and northwestern Ohio.


Using the latest technology, including DJI drones, Ken can produce exceptional photographs and videos from a viewpoint many of us cannot access. DJI is the world’s leading producer of camera drones/quadcopters for aerial photography, with camera stabilization systems that make it possible to take stunning photos and videos of professional quality. 


As a resident of the Stockbridge area, Ken is familiar with many of the surrounding towns and locations and is happy to help you showcase your town, event, or business with beautiful overhead images. He is also willing to drive to locations within the Great Lakes area. With great attention to detail, he enjoys capturing the scenes from the air that make aerial photography so unique. Ken is pleasant and professional to work with, treating clients with integrity and respect.     


Safety is of paramount importance, and all Sunrise Drone flights are accomplished while using a visual observer for added safety. In addition, he is fully insured for liability, property damage, personal injury, and bodily injury. In fact, safety is what makes aerial drone photography so helpful in performing inspections of places that are difficult to access. Aerial images are extremely useful in places such as inspections for roofing, cell towers, bridges, power lines, and more. 


Sunrise Drones is equipped to handle many different aerial photography needs in addition to safety inspections, including aerial images for real estate, weddings, sporting events, your city or town, your property, wildlife, and more.