Sunrise Drones, Taking Your Vision to New Heights

Sunrise Drones specializes in creating premium aerial photos and videos taken by a professional licensed drone pilot. Owner Ken Davis, a former airline pilot with over forty years of flying experience, started a second career in the aviation field with Sunrise Drones in order to provide clients with stunning aerial photos and videos for a wide array of purposes. Whether you are looking for aerial photos for your real estate business, special outdoor events, roof or safety inspections, marketing for your city or town, or any other reason, Sunrise Drones can help! We proudly serve the Great Lakes area, including Michigan, northern Indiana, and northwest Ohio.


Ken has a passion for everything aviation, and drone photography was a natural next step in his career path, after retiring from flying airplanes. With over five years of drone pilot experience, Ken is certified with his FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Part 107 Remote Pilot License and is fully insured for liability, property damage, personal injury, and bodily injury. Safety is of utmost importance to him, and all flights are accomplished while using a visual observer for added safety.


Sunrise Drones is a company that values quality and attention to detail, with drones made by DJI, the world’s leading producer of camera drones/quadcopters for aerial photography. DJI flying and camera stabilization systems allow for breath-taking aerial photos and videos of professional quality.


With the growth of drone aerial photography, a whole new world of possibilities are opening up. Drones are able to capture images that were once out of reach from the ground or from aircraft. Images from the air offer a different perspective than those taken from the ground. Yet, drones can operate safely at much lower levels and in tighter spaces than airplanes or helicopters, offering countless options for extraordinary photography opportunities.


With drone aerial photography, now you can capture breathtaking images of your wedding from above, show potential buyers the overhead view of the neighborhood of a home that’s for sale, or perform safety inspections of hard-to-reach places like bridges, roofs, or cell towers. If you are showcasing your town or a building project, drone aerial photography can display it in a beautiful image. The possibilities are endless, and Sunrise Drones would be happy to be the photographer for your project.